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Garland E. Frazier


My Story

Garland E. Frazier is a results-oriented and visionary instructional leader currently serving students in the Clayton County Public Schools District. Mr. Frazier has been an educator for 26 years. During his tenure, he has dedicated his talents and energies to ensuring a quality education for children of all backgrounds. His plethora of experiences have taken him from the role of Substitute Teacher, middle school teacher, high school Counselor, middle school Assistant Principal and high school Assistant Principal. Mr. Frazier has mastered the skill of closing achievement gaps and raising test scores in a plethora of urban school settings. In 2015, Mr. Frazier partnered with the One Million Foundation to provide digital tablets and cell phones for the entire student population of approximately 1700 students at Forest Park High School.

Additionally, Mr. Frazier partnered with the United States Department of Justice in 2016. As a result of this partnership, parents and students were trained on the tenets of establishing a DOJ SPIRIT Council at Forest Park High School. After the initial training with the United States Department Justice, the SPIRIT COUNCIL was asked to identify the most urgent need at Forest Park High School based on their analysis of the data. The SPIRIT Council determined that teachers did not feel appreciated for the enriching instruction provided to students on a daily basis. The SPIRIT COUNCIL created an award system where the SPIRIT COUNCIL would identify a staff member who provided exemplary instruction or service to their students during the previous week. The SPIRIT COUNCIL would reward the recipient with a $25 gift card to a casual dining eatery. Mr. Frazier has participated in many consecutive years of Feed the Hungary Campaigns with his masonic lodge, HR Butler #23 (PHA). Additionally, Mr.
Frazier has assisted his Lodge with distributing Turkey food baskets for the past several years to families with food insecurity. Mr. Frazier served as a Facilitator for the BUY-Cobb Leadership Academy for several years. Blacks United for Youth Leadership Academy trains high school students to be leaders of tomorrow. These students are rewarded with scholarships at the conclusion of their senior year.


Finally, I have agreed to serve on this board because I have dedicated my career in helping disadvantaged young people. It is important to reach back to provide wise council and resources to young people to help solidify their success.

My life motto is, “Never have so few owed so much to so many.” We must continue to reach back and provide young people with opportunities and resources that will provide equity in this game called life!

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